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Custom Home Builders



When you are in a fortunate enough position in your life to have a home built to suite all of your needs and make it look exactly how you want it to look you turn to one place, Custom home builders in Rochester NY.


What custom home builders do is work with  you to  make your dreams come true.  Whether you have always had a design in mind, or if you happen to own a plot of land and you want to put a home there, custom home builders will work with you in all the areas you may need help with.  Because of how major an undertaking this process will be there needs to be one source who is in charge of everyone else, that’s your custom home builder.


When you first start the process its not unusual to go through an almost interview process to see exactly what your looking for in their services or even more important, what you don’t need from their services.  Naturally, no work will be taking place without the exchange of the almighty dollar so proper and secure financing is the first step.  There will need to be a lot of deposits, retainers, and a whole host of other places that money is going to be needed immediately.


After the financing has been taken care of and is in place its now time to start looking for an architect.  Working with custom home builders they would normally have a specific firm they work with but if you have your heart set on an outside architect, they will use the firm of your choice because at the end of the day, its you who writes the checks, not the home builder.


Your floor plans are all drawn up and approved by the many sanctioning bodies that make up the jurisdiction they house will be built in.  Now its time to start the construction process.  This is where the real money gets spent.  This is the time where you really have to ask yourself if that hot tube in the master bedroom is really a need or just a fantasy.  You may not realize just how much is involved in putting a hot tub in a bedroom and more importantly, just how expensive it can be.


With all of the construction finished, the walls painted, now its time to furnish the house.  Depending on your taste the bill to furnish a home can cost more than the home itself cost to build.  But that is where the job of the custom home builder is finished.  Their job is to design and build the house of your dreams and they do, its up to you to find an interior designer.  If the custom home builder is in the upper class market its not unusual for them to have a separate division for that service.